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Kim Layson

Artist and Educator since 2016

A seasoned and passionate tattoo artist with years of experience in the world of permanent makeup eyebrows and body art. As a highly skilled and dedicated professional, Kim has honed their craft through years of practice and a deep commitment to the art of tattooing. With a strong foundation in various tattoo styles and eyebrow techniques, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to their role as a tattoo trainer.

An artist renowned for cultivating exceptional talent, Kim has consistently nurtured the creative potential of her students, with an impressive track record of guiding 99% of them toward artistic excellence.

Kim is here to provide the guidance, knowledge, and hands-on training you need to achieve your artistic goals. Join Kim Layson Beauty  training program and embark on an exciting and fulfilling path in the world of permanent makeup and body tattoo.


As trainer, we play a crucial role in equipping our students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to excel in the field of permanent makeup. Here are some of the valuable aspects and services we can provide to our students:

Comprehensive Curriculum:

Well-structured curriculum that covers a wide range of topics, including pigment knowledge, color theory, sanitation and safety protocols, measuring, and different permanent makeup designs, client consultations, and so much more.

Safety and Hygiene:

Emphasizing the importance of safety and infection control is important. Trainers instill good habits related to cleanliness and hygiene to protect both the artist and the client.


Successful completion of a training program often leads to certification, which can be an essential credential for building a career in permanent makeup.

Individualized Instruction:

Each student may have unique learning needs and areas where they need more support. We tailor student's instruction to address individual strengths and weaknesses, ensuring that students progress at their own pace.

Product Knowledge:

Knowledge of the right products and equipment is crucial for success. We introduce students to various pigments, tools, and machines, numbing,  helping them make informed choices.

Ethical and Professional Conduct:

As trainers, we instill the importance of ethical behavior and professionalism in our students, teaching them how to communicate effectively with clients, manage expectations, and maintain client confidentiality. 

Hands-On Training:

Practical, hands-on experience is essential in permanent makeup training. We provide students with the opportunity to practice their skills on models or practice skin under supervision, allowing them to gain confidence and refine their techniques.

Continued Support:

We offer ongoing support to our students, even after they've completed student's initial training. This support can include advice on challenging cases, troubleshooting, and updates on industry developments.

Networking Opportunities:

Trainers may provide opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals, attend conferences, or participate in workshops to further enhance their skills and knowledge.




A $300 deposit is required to book all training, this will go towards your remaining balance. 

For apprenticeship a $1200 deposit is required to hold the six months. The remaining balance will be due in installments every 1st of the month. 

Get in Touch

7329 S. Rainbow Blvd. Suite100

Las Vegas NV 89139

(702) 890-2021

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