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A correction and coverup refer to procedures performed to alter or improve the appearance of previously applied permanent makeup. These procedures are typically done to address issues such as fading, discoloration, unevenness, or dissatisfaction with the original work. 


Color Correction:

Sometimes, the original permanent makeup may have faded into an undesirable color or developed an unnatural hue. Color correction involves applying new pigment to neutralize or balance out the unwanted color, returning it to a more natural shade.

Shape and Symmetry Correction:

If the original permanent makeup was uneven or resulted in asymmetrical brows, a correction procedure can help adjust the shape and achieve better symmetry.



A coverup involves applying new permanent makeup over an existing one to hide or camouflage it. This is often done when a client regrets the original design, color, or technique. The previous tattoo must be faded enough for the artist to work over the existing tattoo. Covering up a tattoo that is still very dark is a risk of pigment migration causing the tattoo to appear unrealistic.

Design Modification:

The coverup process may also involve modifying the design or style of the old permanent makeup to better suit the client's preferences. This could include changing the shape, size, or style of brows,



Our experienced tattoo artist will carefully assess your photos and review your concerns. They will provide recommendations for correction based on their professional expertise.

You may upload your photos by clicking 'upload' below. 

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