A $50 non-refundable deposit is required for ALL appointments.

Please click the link below to book an appointment and to find list of services/prices.

Price List:

Ombre Brows- $550 

This technique is strictly just shading with the beginning of the eyebrows appear more faded/lighter than the rest of the brow. Giving you a natural look.

*Does not include a free touch up*

Microblading- $450 

This technique is all hairstrokes, not everyone is a perfect candidate for this procedure, this plays a factor with the type of skin you have, lifestyle, etc. This technique is not suitable for clients with oily skin & larger pores.

*Does not include a free touch up* 

Lip Shading - $350 *introductory pricing*

Enhances the beauty of the natural lips, improving the shape and color of the 

lips creating the illusion of fuller lips. This is semi-permanent creating a tint like appearance. Color is build-able and can add more vibrancy and definition 

through touch ups creating a more make up / lipstick look. 

It is recommended for ALL microblading clients to get 8-12 weeks touch up  - when booking for the first session, please also book your touch up. You can always cancel the touch up days before.

With previous tattoo work in the area- $150 additional, please read FAQ for more information about cover up/correction. You must first send a photo of your existing permannent makeup to info@kimlayson.com prior to booking.


It is normal to get a 2nd session to achieve desired fullness. This 2nd session is a "perfecting touch up" appointment. As everyone skins varies, this 2nd session allows us to access and study how well your skin reacted to the new tattoo.


Touch ups- $Varies 

1st touch up - $100 

3-6 months - $200

6-12 months- $275

this is only for existing clients.

if you are a new client, please book for a new set.

More price list will be -- kimlaysonbeauty.schedulista.com

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Hours of Operations - 

M- F : 9:30am - 5:00pm

some weekends. 

*by appointment only, 

no walk-ins. Deposit required.

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