Your technician will also provide each client with an aftercare kit/instructions. 


There will be some tenderness and mild swelling after the procedure, on average most clients can proceed work/school after the appointment. 

Redness/tenderness should subside 30 minutes - 1 hour after the appointment. This varies also by the sensitivity of the skin. Proper aftercare instructions will be informed to each client based on their skin's reaction. 

Keep any topical products on the treated areas (makeup, lotion, creams, gel, toners, alcohol, balms, etc.) Unless directed by your technician. 

Avoid using other topical ointment unless you've received the OKAY from your technician, it is very important to avoid over use the ointment your technician has provided you. You must keep the treated area (wound) clean and breathing. 

Hours after the session, the healing process begins, any last minute changes will have to wait for the touch up. 

Be advised that we can not numb / implant pigment on the surface while it is healing. 

When exfoliation begins, do not pick, rub, or scratch the areas. 

Keep the treated areas away from sun exposure, sun kills skin cells therefore will change the color of your pigment. 

(Plan accordingly around vacations, weddings, birthdays, events, etc)

Use clean q-tips to apply the ointment your technician provided you with. Keep your fingers out!


Avoid the following for the next 5-7 days:


-swimming pools/beaches/jacuzzis

-gym or workouts,hot yoga/pilates

-facials, tanning beds

-outside activities including sweating

-makeup on the treated area 

-lotions,creams,toners, etc.

-heavy medications

-alcohol 24 hours after and before

-no tinting the brows, only after the touch up is healed

-hair dye must be done 2-3 weeks prior or after the touch up is healed

-no botox, fillers, microdermabration, 3 weeks prior/after

-avoid dust/strong winds


Any necessary additional aftercare instructions will be given to you by technician on the day of your appointment.

Below you will find the typical healing emotion stages :P 

Enjoy this journey, you will love the end results!!


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